CarolinaCon 2023 is over! A special thank you to the speakers for their amazing talks, and thanks those who competed in the CTF. If you missed any of the talks, they have been uploaded tothe CarolinaCon YouTube

Merch bundle released!

Check out the merch store at This year we have a bundle with T-shirt, sticker, and bottle opener badge!

CTF signup live!

You can register for the CTF at The CTF opens Friday when the conference starts

Schedule released!

Talks will be a mix of live and pre-recorded, come join us in chat on April 21st-23rd!
View the Schedule here. Tune into the livestream on our Youtube Channel, or in Discord.


After internal discussions with the community and the CarolinaCon crew, we have come to the conclusion CarolinaCon will be best run as an online conference moving forward. Like the last two years, you'll be able to enjoy free talks from speakers from all around the world, and participate in the internet wide CTF (please stay tuned for this year's badge and tshirt design).

This also means that we will not have a conference hall reserved at the Hilton, but we are investigating reserving a more casual space for people in Raleigh who would like to meetup, drink, and compete in the CTF.

If you would like to attend an in person conference, check out the the local events listed here. I hope to see you there!

If you have any questions about the changes, please feel free to ask in the Chat, or email us at info[@]

Call for papers is now closed!

Thank you to everyone who submitted talks this year! A talk schedule will be published soon. Talks will be live (as a video call), or pre-recorded, come join us on April 21st-23rd!

How do I attend?

The Talks and CTF will be free, no need to give us your email. To watch live, just tune into the livestream on our Youtube Channel.

The conference will still be held on the weekend of April 22, 2023

Past Websites and talks

This is still a work in progress

2022 - CarolinaCon Online 2 - Website - Talks

2021 - CarolinaCon Online - Website - Talks

2020 - CarolinaCon 16 - Postponed due to COVID - Website

2019 - CarolinaCon 15 - Website

2018 - CarolinaCon 14 - Website

2017 - CarolinaCon 13 - Website

2016 - CarolinaCon 12 - Website

2015 - CarolinaCon 11 - Website

2014 - CarolinaCon 10 - Website

2013 - CarolinaCon 9 - Website

2012 - CarolinaCon 8 - Website

2011 - CarolinaCon 7 - Website

2010 - CarolinaCon 6 - Website

2009 - CarolinaCon 5 - Website

2008 - CarolinaCon 4 - Website

2007 - CarolinaCon 3 - Website

2006 - CarolinaCon 2 - Website

2005 - CarolinaCon 1 - Website