CarolinaCon Hacksat

CarolinaCon Online 2 (2022)

Since 2004 CarolinaCon has been host to talks ranging from BioHacking, to developing OpenBSD, to Web app security, and beyond. We hope you enjoy this years talks, workshops, and CTF!

Conference is over! Check out the talks on Youtube
Saturday VOD
Sunday VOD

Individual videos for each talk will be posted later this week.

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who participated in CarolinaCon this year! We couldn't have done it without the speakers, those who submitted CTF challenges, and viewers like you. We hope to see you next year.

Underground radio

Have you been stuck trying to get root on a box for hours? Unsure what hexdump does? Almost out of coffee? Enjoy the sound of the 90s streamed to you right from a local cubesat @

Livestream info!

Like last year the talks will stream live from our YouTube channel. Join the #speaker-chat in the discord or matrix to ask questions and thank the speakers! After the conference is over, the talks will also be posted to the YouTube channel We have a good mix of live and pre-recorded talks this year.

CTF signup is live!

The CTF scoreboard is live. You can go ahead and make your account at The CTF will start at 7:30pm on Friday, and end at noon Sunday. New challenges will be dropped in stages over the weekend, so keep your eyes peeled!

The Store is open!

We have an awesome badge bundle this year containing a CarolinaCon T-shirt, shot glass, sticker, and Conference PCB Badge. This is a pre-order, shipping a few weeks after the conference is over (like last year). Orders close the last day of the conference. Purchasing this bundle pre-order is a great way to support the Con, and will allow us to fund the next in person conference. Store.

Schedule released!

See more info on the talks, workshops, and what we have planned for the day! Schedule.

Workshops signup!

Join us on on Friday April 29th for two workshops, Practical mobile app attacks by example and JavaScript Desktop apps by 7asecurity. More information about the talks will be available soon. Like the rest of the conference, they're free! To sign up, fill out the typeform below, or signup here in a new tab.

CTF Information

This year will be the second CTF crafted in house by the CarolinaCon staff and friends. It will run the length of the conference, and will be open to the internet. No experience level too high or too low, we have challenges planned for everyone. We hope to see you there! Feel free to drop by in the #CTF channel

Discord and Matrix!

The Discord server is still up, and the new Matrix server has been stood up! Rooms are mirrored between each service, so you won't miss out on any of the fun. To signup or join click here

CarolinaCon Online 2 info

Hey all, we hope everyone is excited for the next CarolinaCon!
The team has spent time exploring our options, and decided to run the conference online this year. This means we delay what would be CarolinaCon 16 another year. The call for papers (CFP) is live, and the conference will kick off at 7pm EST Friday April 29th - May 1st. We will be hosting an internet open Capture the flag (CTF) again, and can't wait to show you the new challenges we have in store!