CarolinaCon - When a 12 step program just isn't enough

CC13 is underway! Keep an eye on the schedule for updates! CC13 Badge Guide
CarolinaCon was started in 2005 and has been held every year since. With each passing year the conference continues to grow and attract more attendees and speakers. As has always been the case, CarolinaCon is put together and run by an all-volunteer staff. CarolinaCon is proudly brought to you by "The CarolinaCon Group". The CarolinaCon Group is a non-profit organization registered in the state of NC, dedicated to educating the local and global communities about technology, information/network/computer security, and information rights. The CarolinaCon Group is also closely associated with various 2600 chapters across NC, SC, TN, VA, LA, DC, GA, PA and NY. Many of the volunteers who help develop and deliver CarolinaCon come from those chapters.
CarolinaCon 13 will run from from May 19th through the 21st in Raleigh, NC. For the cheap price of $40 (payable in cash at the door, no advance sales), you can get a full weekend of talks, 1337 hacks, contests, and parties. Location is the same Hilton as last year, 3415 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh, North Carolina 27609-7330.
Who develops and delivers CarolinaCon? CarolinaCon is proudly brought to you by "The CarolinaCon Group". The CarolinaCon Group is a non-profit organization registered in the state of NC, dedicated to educating the local and global communities about technology, information/network/computer security, and information rights. The CarolinaCon Group is also closely associated with various "2600" chapters across NC, SC, TN, VA, LA, DC, and NY. Many of the volunteers who help develop and deliver CarolinaCon come from those chapters. What events will be at CarolinaCon? CarolinaCon is mainly about the educational talks, presentations, and demos. Alongside those we will have several other technology-related contests and challenges. Details on other events will be announced on our website as they are planned out. Can my company sponsor CarolinaCon? We don't accept any, so don't bother asking. Capitalism and philanthropic knowledge-sharing don't mix in our opinion. We keep our admission price to the bare minimum to cover our venue and equipment expenses. All of our staff are volunteers who generously donate their time and energy. All of our presenters generously donate their time and talent. The only items sold at CarolinaCon are a limited quantity of single-design CarolinaCon t-shirts....and we only make and sell those because attendees and staff want them. What about donating to CarolinaCon? Well that's a different story. We will gladly accept donations from anyone who wants to contribute. At CarolinaCon, we pride ourselves on not charging a lot for admission so we don't have a lot to spend on giveaways (we manage though). We can always use prizes for Hacker Trivia and various other contests that we run so if you want to donate an actual prize, rather than cash, just let us know by sending an email to: info{at} We'll also take cash. :-)
SHIRT DESIGNING CONTEST The time has come to put your shirt design to the test! The winning design will be printed in a light color on a dark colored tee. Please produce a single-color design with that in mind. Submissions consisting of line art or filled shapes and submitted in a vector format are ideal. If you are not able to produce a submission in a vector format, please submit an image of 300dpi or greater. File formats preferred, in order of preference, are : .svg, .ai, .png. Email your submission to tshirts{at} by March 31, 2017. The winning shirt designer will be awarded 2 free tickets to CC13 (May 19-21 in Raleigh, NC) and 2 free t-shirts in addition to the life-long honor, esteem, and bragging rights that accompany the title of "Shirt Design Winner". Maybe someone will even make you a special name tag so everyone will know who you are!
CALL FOR PAPERS Greetz to all h4x0rs, stuff-breakers, InfoSec pros, g33k girls, international spies, and script kidz. CarolinaCon-13 will occur on May 19th-21st 2017 in Raleigh, NC (USA). We are now officially accepting speaker/paper/demo submissions for the event. If you are somewhat knowledgeable in any interesting field of hacking, technology, robotics, science, global thermonuclear war, lock circumvention, etc. (but mostly hacking), and you are interested in presenting at CarolinaCon-13, we cordially invite you to submit your proposal. Please send: - Your name or handle/alias - The presentation name/title - A brief topic abstract (1-2 paragraphs) - The estimated length (time) of your presentation - A brief bio (100% optional item, but if your talk is chosen it saves the time and trouble of asking for it later) via e-mail to speakers{at} IMPORTANT All submissions are due BY April 1, 2017 (no joke). However, we may be making some early selections again this year from among the submissions, so please be timely if you're committed to being part of the elite cadre of chosen presenters. We value diversity so please don't hesitate to propose your ideas no matter how outlandish. If you present at the Con, you will receive; - Free CarolinaCon admission for you and one (1) guest - One (1) free CarolinaCon-12 T-shirt (l33t) - Free transportation between RDU airport and the conference hotel (if needed) - Minimal fame, glory, and possibly even notoriety - Mad props and much love from our staff and attendees - Possibly another perk (details still being hashed out based on budget) ATTENDEES If you are interested in attending, watch this space for more details...and don't forget to mark the May 19, 2017 date on your calendar. If you have any important (as in not-dumb and not-chinese-spam) inquiries about the event you can send email to: info{at} Peace, The CarolinaCon Staff
HARDWARE HACKING VILLAGE Stop by to put your badge together, learn about basic hardware hacking, or just smell soldering fumes. The HHV will run for the duration of the conference. LOCKPICKING VILLAGE This year's Lock Pick Village will be sponsored by Raleigh's Oak City Locksport. Join us for beginners lessons, contests, and practice during CarolinaCon13! No prior knowledge or tools are required and all skill levels are welcome. OCL staff will be on hand to teach you or answer any questions you might have. There is no additional charge to participate in the Lock Pick Village at CarolinaCon. We look forward to meeting you and sharing our love of locksport. Cold Open Game It's 1989. You are an American spy on a covert mission to East Germany, but you've been discovered and detained by the Stasi, awaiting transport to a prison camp. What they don't realize is that their pat-down search of you was lacking and you still have your lockpick kit! Your mission - escape and call your extraction team to get you back to West Germany. To do so you must: - Pick your handcuffs - Unlock the door to the room you're in - Open the lock box to get a gun & shoot the guard ("Nerf") - Remove the lock from the rotary phone to call for help This is a timed game that will be running on Saturday and Sunday in the Lockpick Village. Participants will have a maximum of 15 minutes to complete the mission or get as far as possible. If you don't complete the mission your progress will be recorded. Best time or furthest completion wins! If there is a tie there will be a ""pick-off"" to determine the winner. OCL was founded back in 2012 and has been growing ever since. If you are interested in joining our mailing list or attending our monthly meetings, email us at oakcitylocksport{at}gmail{dot}com or visit @oakcitylocks on Twitter. CRYPTO CHALLENGE Announcement on how to play will be made at opening remarks. Contact a staff memeber if you have questions. CAPTURE THE FLAG The CTF this year will be a scenario based event (similar to last year's) where contestants will assist a fictitious company in securing their borders by finding and reporting as many vulnerabilities (find and submit as many flags) as possible before the event ends. The CTF will begin Friday evening at 5pm and run into Sunday at noon. To compete, contestants will need to join the CTF network (come to the CTF room in Salon D for more information) UNOFFICIAL CAROLINACON SHOOTOUT Friday noon to 5pm See for more information. PUBLIC AND AMATEUR RADIO REPEATERS Three radio repeaters have been provided by Megalos for attendees to use at CarolinaCon. There are two public repeaters and one amateur (ham) radio repeater. You will need an amateur radio license issued by the FCC to use the ham radio repeater, but you are more than welcome to use one of the two public repeaters wtih out a license, so bring your radios. Two fairly inexpensive radios can be purchansed from Amazon, the single band BF888 or the dual band UV5R. Megalos says he will have several types of programming cables avaiable if you need help programing your radio. In the CarolianCon Coms Plan, you can find all the details needed to access each repeater. Here are a couple of pictures of the VHF repeater VHF 1 & VHF 2 as well as one of the UHF repeater.
A block of rooms has been obtained for the conference. These discounted rates are for reservations made for the weekend of May 19-21, 2017. This block will expire on April 18, 2017, or when fully booked.