CarolinaCon was started in 2005 and has been held every year since (except 2020). As has always been the case, CarolinaCon is put together and run by an all-volunteer staff. The current staff is a group of current and past 49th Security Division members (A student hacking club from UNCC).

We see CarolinacCon as a place for both local and global communities to learn more about technology, information/network/computer security, and information rights.


What CarolinaCon look like this year?

Like the last two virtual conferences, we will have a livestream of talks (Live and Pre-recorded, with speakers available in the chat), and our world famous, home-brewed, CTF open to the internet (first place last year won a real meteor!). Please join the Discord or Matrix channels to talk with other attendees and chat with the speakers. We again be selling a T-shirt and bundle this year, more info on that soon

Why did you try to move back to Raleigh?

Venue costs have risen significantly over the past three years, and this lead us to expand our scope of for the types of venues and where they are located. Since CarolinaCon online admission was free (and merch slightly above cost), the money we have is what was collected from merch and ticket sales in 2019. Additionally, most of the volunteer group now lives in Raleigh and the InfoSec scene/culture appears to be stronger here.

Can my company sponsor CarolinaCon?

We don't accept any, so don't bother asking. Capitalism and philanthropic knowledge-sharing don't mix in our opinion. When the con is held in person we keep our admission price to the bare minimum to cover our venue and equipment expenses. All of our staff are volunteers who generously donate their time and energy. All of our presenters generously donate their time and talent. This year we are selling a merch bundle to get a shirt, electronic badge, and sticker, but this is really only because people want them as these sales rarely make money.

What about donating to CarolinaCon?

Well that's a different story. We will gladly accept donations from anyone who wants to contribute. At CarolinaCon, we pride ourselves on not charging a lot for admission so we don't have a lot to spend on giveaways (we manage though). We can always use prizes for Hacker Trivia and various other contests that we run so if you want to donate an actual prize, rather than cash, just let us know by sending an email to: info (at) carolinacon.org For cash donations, please donate here (its tax deductible!)

Past Websites

I'm still working on this!

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