Time Topic Speaker
5:00pm Registration opens N/A
6:30pm Opening remarks and announcements (various)
7:00pm Password Cracking for noobs smrk3r       abstract
8:00pm The Insider Threat: From Snowden to the Unspoken Omar Santos       abstract
9:00pm Attacker Ghost Stories: Mostly Free Defenses That Gives Attackers Nightmares mubix       abstract
10:00pm Real World Social Engineering for the Geek/Introvert Luke Stephens (MindNinja)       abstract

9:00am Registration opens N/A
9:45am Opening remarks and announcements (various)
10:00am Botnet Building 101 Terrence O'Connor       abstract
11:00am Simple Network Management Pwnd Deral Heiland & Matthew Kienow       abstract
noon - 1:00pm Lunch break [meals not provided by CarolinaCon] N/A
1:00pm Carding Markets: Comparing Apples and Lemons Professor Tom Holt       abstract
2:00pm How To Get Money Fast Using A Pwned PBX unregistered       abstract
3:00pm AV Evasion with the Veil Framework HarmJ0y, Christopher Truncer, Michael Wright     abstract
4:00pm Hack Android Using Normal Permissions & Broadcast Receivers Fadi Mohsen       abstract
4:30pm Hacking the Hackerspace Steven Sutton and Alan Fay       abstract
5:00pm - 7:00pm Dinner break [meals not provided by CarolinaCon] N/A
7:00pm F*ck These Guys: Practical Counter-surveillance Lisa Lorenzin       abstract
8:00pm Hacker Trivia Vic Vandal, AlStrowger, Gem
10:00pm Hacker Social / Party [all]

9:30am Registration opens N/A
9:45am Daily remarks and announcements (various)
10:00am Exploiting the Bells and Whistles: Uncovering OEM Vulnerabilities in Android Jake Valletta       abstract
11:00am Reverse Engineering Executables Math for 400       abstract
noon - 1:00pm Lunch break [meals not provided by CarolinaCon] N/A
1:00pm Bypassing EMET 4.1 Jared DeMott       abstract
2:00pm Demystifying The Cloud, a look at Hyperscale Computing From a Hacker Perspective Nick Fury       abstract
3:00pm So you want to break into Security? supherdave       abstract
4:00pm Closing announcements [CTF winners, Crypto Challenge winners] (various)
4:30pm CarolinaCon-10 ends - Recuperation begins N/A

Talk Abstracts: