Contest will start Friday night and end by 10am Sunday morning. All flag submissions have to be received by that time in order to be accepted. Winners will be announced shortly after.

CTF Scoreboard:

CTF Rules:

- Do not attack other participants. Only attack designated target systems on the CTF network. If you are in doubt, ask a XRG staff member.

- Do not launch denial of service attacks against the CTF network, systems, or services. Please promptly report any system outages.

- Do not delete or modify contest flags from systems.

- Event organizers will not be held responsible for any damages that occur to your system(s) as a result of connecting to the CTF network; remember that this is a hostile network. Connect at your own risk.

- Double check the access point or switch you are connected to prior to engaging in any attacks - ensure you are on the CTF network.

- All traffic on the CTF network is subject to monitoring.

- Small teams are welcome.

If you would prefer to be hard wired in, you may want to bring an ethernet cable and maybe a small switch depending on the needs of your team.

CarolinaCon's Lock-Picking Village (hosted by FALE with special guests TOOOL) will be on Saturday, May 17, from 10am until we get tired of dealing with it. Be sure to come by for shenanigans, contests, drinks, hot chicks, and learning. At least one of the aforementioned features will occur.

Lock-picking Rules:

Only pick the test locks provided in the breakout room(s). Do not go around trying to pick hotel locks, locks of cars in the parking lot, etc. during CarolinaCon. Violators of this rule will be swiftly kicked out of the conference and the hotel, and possibly arrested.

Do not pocket/steal any picks, pick sets, test locks, etc. Violators of this rule will have their f'ing hands cut off, and then we'll kick them out of the hotel and ban them from all future conference attendance.

SpiderLabs is providing this year's Crypto Challenge. Handouts, verbal directions, and hints will be given out during CarolinaCon.

Crypto Challenge Rules:

Be smart. Be very, very smart. That is all.

treef()rt is reportedly building a MacGyver-themed challenge that tests a person's creative problem solving ability. It will be available in a corner of the lockpicking room on Saturday.

MacGyver Challenge Rules:

Whatever treef()rt says they are.

The location for the @CarolinaCon ShootOut is the same as the last two years - Assemble in hotel parking lot Friday 1100 for 1130 departure to the range. We will depart hotel ~ 1130 - 1145.
Contact @DaKahuna2007 for more details