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CarolinaCon | Volunteer
If you are somewhat knowledgeable in some interesting field of technology, hacking, science, etc., and are interested in speaking/presenting at Carolinacon, we invite you to submit your proposal (in brief) for our review.

If you're interested in presenting please fill out the form below.

*NOTE: All submissions are due by January 15th, 2009! The last two years we've had more submissions than time-slots and our "first come and doesn't suck, first affirmed" policy kicked in, so be timely in submission if you're committed to being part of the elite cadre of dangerously maniacal presenters.

Also unfortunately, as a non-profit dedicated to affordable education we cannot afford to pay anyone to speak, nor cover any related expenses (sorry). However if you do speak at the Con, you will receive:

free admission
a nifty hacker conference t-shirt
an invitation to a stellar soiree during the conference
minimal fame and glory
mad props from staff and attendees

We value a diversity of ideas, so please don't hesitate to propose your ideas no matter how outlandish

Top 10 Reasons:

Free Admission
A nifty Hacker conference t-shirt
An invitation to a stellar soiree
Minimal fame and glory
Mad props from staff and attendees

Volunteer Form

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  • Select all areas that you are interested in helping with.

  • If you selected 'other' above, or have any additional talents/services you wish to contribute, please, let us know.

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