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The conference was founded in 2005. CarolinaCon has since focused on presenting educational materials from a variety of guest speakers on various aspects of computing, technology, and information security. It is currently run by the 501(c)3 non-profit organization The Carolinacon Group.

The event generally officially closes with a game of Hacker Trivia. For those that have missed prior years, we’ve archived each site so visitors can see the previous years sites, speakers and archived info.

CarolinaCon 2005

(Amerisuites Hotel, Raleigh, NC June 10–12, 2005)

  The first conference covered topics such as Bio-Hacking, IPv6, Lock Manipulation, and ethics in hacking.

CarolinaCon 2006

(Hampton Inn, Raleigh, NC June 9–11, 2006)

CarolinaCon 2007

(Holiday Inn, Chapel Hill, NC April 20–21, 2007)

  Covered topics such as online black markets, enforcing the GPL, FreeBSD Jails, human brain cortex, and computer system forensics issues. A capture the flag (CTF) event was running during much of the conference.

CarolinaCon 2008

(Holiday Inn, Chapel Hill, NC March 28–29, 2008)

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