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CarolinaCon 2007 Testimonials...

This was really only my 3rd con, CarolinaCon2 being the first and HOPE being the second, and this one was probably the best of the three.

I felt compelled to say what a great Con this was. The variety of speakers, topics, and the organization.

I really enjoyed the talks this year.

It was a really awesome con (my first even), and I'm really glad I could make it.

Thanks to everyone who made me feel welcome in a group of mostly strangers.

Thank you all at CC07 - you ROCK!

The Con was awesome.

Hey all, Just wanted say that I had a great time at the con. Big enough to draw an interesting and diverse group of people and small enough to be friendly and very fun.

Let me be the 20th person to say what a great Con it was.

The range of presenters really held my interest all weekend.

It was really cool getting to meet those of you I didn't know yet. And even just seeing those of you I knew again.

CarolinaCon was great, and I will definitely go next year. It reminds me of the old days, when it wasn’t a circus and you could just hang out with geeks and talk about everything from politics and current events to telephone company switching technology upgrades to issues with computing platforms and what not.

I wanted to thank everyone for making people, including me, feel so welcome at these events.

Thanks everyone for throwing another awesome con!

ALL the talks rocked!

I look forward to next year's event already.

Back to CarolinaCon. Arrived at 5pm or so, caught a few talks, hung out with LOTS of COOL people!

It was VERY smoothly run this year. Almost like a finely tuned machine.

Mad props to each of you, and EVERYONE else involved in making the event a success!!!

Thanks to all the presenters, awesome talks VERY worth 'the price of admission'.

good stuff.

Thanks for the good time. It was great to see everyone again!

As an attendee everything seemed to run pretty smooth.

It was great seeing you all again. Thanks for all the hard work!

mad props to everyone who made it possible.

Special thanks to all the speakers and everyone who put this together!

The team who put this together did an awesome job, so THANK YOU!

Everyone did an awesome job.

Great to see everyone.

Too many people to thank for too many things, but thanks for all the staff/speakers/wedoeverything who burn themselves out for us to have a good con.

Great job!

Thanks again and mad props for a wonderful con.

Great Job putting it all together.

Last night was waaaay too exciting.






The fourth annual Carolinacon regional technology conference will be held March 28-29, 2008 at the Holiday Inn on Fordham Road in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We invite any persons who have educated themselves about technology to present their ideas and otherwise participate in our conference. Carolinacon is hosted by members from local 2600 meetings and the non-profit Carolinacon Group technology education organization.