CarolinaCon 2005, a regional technology conference put on by North Carolina 2600, will be held June 10-12 at the AmeriSuites Hotel in Raleigh, NC. We are expecting 200-300 people. The event will feature notable speakers talking on a variety of technology topics, a demonstration of a working IPv6 network, and a very large LAN party.

The main sponsor is North Carolina 2600, which is tied to 2600 Magazine: The Hacker Quarterly. NC2600 is basically the North Carolina hackers' guild, we hold monthly meetings to discuss technology issues. We are not the bad kind of hackers you hear about in the media, we are the super-engineers, the people who built and continue to expand the Internet itself. Some of our members are equally members of the Association for Computing Machinery's Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, so this is not people stealing software and tearing up web sites, it's people talking about prevention of such things.

Sponsors currently onboard are RedHat, Jinx Hackwear and Bawls.

We are looking for sponsorship in the form of things we can give away to attendees so they feel they have gotten far and above more value from attending the conference than their $15 admission fee would normally buy. We are looking for things that we could give out as prizes for LAN gaming tournaments and other contests, we're also looking for assistance in paying the rental fee for the conference facility or a sponsor for the speaker lounge suite, but really anything you could provide would be appreciated. In exchange for your support we can hang a banner and/or leave out pamphlets for you and will list you in our conference program and on our web site which is linked to by the DefCon and Jinx conference listing pages and will be promoted in the next issue of 2600 Magazine: The Hacker Quarterly. This translates to a massive amount of traffic from people intersted in many diverse aspects of technology.

To talk to one of our organizers about sponsorship, please contact speakers@carolinacon.org.