Current list of topics and speakers:

  • Application Hacking - TXS (0x90.org/GhettoHackers)
  • Ethics in Hacking - Endgame (NC-2600)
  • IPv6 Implementations - Tokachu (NC-2600)
  • Basic Bitmaps, Vectors, Polygons and Envelopes - LexIcon (NC-2600/DC-2600/ACM-SIGGRAPH)
  • Bot-Nets - Will Hatcher (FBI CyberCrime Unit - SSAIC)
  • Bio-Hacking - Vic Vandal (NOLAB/504)
  • Hacking for Script Kiddies - Joshua Falken (actual 9-year-old kid)
  • Pirate Radio - Dr Anonymous (parts/places unknown)
  • Risk Analysis/Mitigation/Management - Stuart Thomas, CISSP, SSCP (G.E. - Security Engineer, Team Lead)
  • Introduction to Lock Manipulation - QuietRiot (NC-2600)
  • Developing Secure Web Applications Workshop - Dennis Hurst (SPI Dynamics)
  • Wifi and Wardriving - Snide (NC-2600)
  • Cauterize: A tool for the prevention of the infection and spread of bot nets - Ryan Karetas (LURHQ Corporation)

*abstracts will be up soon

We are in the process of assembling our speaker list. If you would like to make a presentation, please send a message to speakers@carolinacon.org with the following information...

  • name/handle/group
  • title of talk
  • length of talk
  • talk abstract
  • special equipment needs
  • staying in onsite hotel: Y/N
  • your contact info