CarolinaCon 13


17:00 Registration Begins

18:30 Opening Remarks

18:45 Intro to the Badge

19:15 Phishing, Whaling: Beyond Technology Social Engineering...

20:15 RFID is dead; long live RFID!

21:15 A Pentester's Intro to Attacking ICS/SCADA

22:15 DMARC for Fun and Threat Intel


9:00 Registration Begins

9:45 Daily Remarks and Announcements

10:00 CTFs - Not Just for Halo

11:00 So you want to learn Machine Learning

12:00 ** Lunch Break - Meals not Provided **

13:00 Testing Phone Systems - "I can come up with something better later"

14:00 Hillbilly Storytime: Pentest Fails

15:00 How to buy illegal stuff online

16:00 OpSec for InfoSec

17:00 ** Dinner Break - Meals not Provided **

17:30 Hotel Room Gourmet

19:00 Hacking The Invasion of Things (or as my wife calls it, what did you spend our money on this time)

20:00 Hacker Trivia


9:30 Registration Begins

10:00 Daily Remarks and Announcements

10:00 A ROP Primer

11:00 Getting Started with PowerShell or One Tool to Hack them all

12:00 ** Lunch Break - Meals not Provided **

13:00 Forgotten History of Cyberwar

14:00 How to Patch Stupid - A modern approach to remediating user risk

15:00 HoneyPy & HoneyDB

15:30 The Unofficial Security Enthusiast's Meme Filled Guide To The Do's and Don'ts of Breaking Into InfoSec Whilst Having a Fun Time Doing So and Meeting Some Cool People Along The Way

16:00 Annoucement of Contest Winners and Closing Remarks

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