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If you would like to learn about email privacy, identity assurance, or PKI cryptography, some local NC2600 members will be hosting some interesting side events during Carolinacon. If you even think you might want to participate they suggest you should BRING TWO FORMS OF IDENTIFICATION with you to the event. Nobody will force you to show them, but it might be nice to have them on hand if you decide you'd like to play.

We will have CAcert assurers present to issue assurance points. CAcert is a certificate authority (CA) that issues SSL certificates based on a web of trust. Your peers that have gained assurer status may vouch for your identity by checking the validity of two or more forms of government issued ID. When you receive a threshold level of assurance points, CAcert will sign a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to verify your identity on that certificate. This "cert" can be used to host an SSL web site (https://) or sign legally binding documents (check with your lawyer). If you would like to know more, or are a CAcert assurer and would like to join us or help out, please feel free to get in contact with Scott Dodson via email (sdodson <-at-> sdodson <-dot-> com).

A member of NC2600 will also be facilitating an ad-hoc OpenPGP keyparty at the conference, most likely to be held on Saturday. If you already have a key, add it to our event keyring at this link. If you are new to OpenPGP and the web of trust, you can check out this link or browse most of the book PGP & GPG: Email for the Practical Paranoid By Michael Lucas online.

Again, REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR IDs if you'd like to participate. You don't need identification to participate, but having it will generally increase your standing in the web of trust.

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to assist, please send and an email to QuietRiot: (quietriot <-at-> 80d <-dot-> org)

Please check back here for more details, instructions, or links as the conference approaches. You can also email either of the two above and request they keep you up to date with any changes or developments.







The fourth annual Carolinacon regional technology conference will be held March 28-29, 2008 at the Holiday Inn on Fordham Road in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We invite any persons who have educated themselves about technology to present their ideas and otherwise participate in our conference. Carolinacon is hosted by members from local 2600 meetings and the non-profit Carolinacon Group technology education organization.